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"The Mandrake": Dir. Quincy Baltes

2019 - 2020

Storyboard Artist and Animator
Winner of the Mindfield Film Festival 2020

The Legends of Pirates Online (Video Game) 

June 2020 to Present

Content Developer and Animator
Creating various 2D assets to be used in game and on social media.

Freelance Artist - Remote

May 2020 to Present

Working with clients to create a variety of graphics and illustrations to be used commercially and on social media.

"Leo": Dir. Hayley Trice

2017 - 2018

Clean Up Animator

"The Ballad of Sir Periwinkle": Dir. Adam Novak

2017 - 2018

Background Painter

Nutmeg Spice Company

2016 to 2019

Production and Shipping

Trained new employees

Worked with sales team

Assembled orders for shipment

Thomaston Public Library

Summer 2019

Paint Night Instructor

Instructed children grades 6-12 in:

     Using paint

     Composing a painting

     Being creative


Bachelor of Fine Arts (Animation)

May 2020

Savannah College of Art and Design

Courses of Study Included:

Art History, Foundations of Drawing, Story and Writing 

Minor in Storyboarding

Courses of Study Included:

Short Story, Drawing for Storyboarding, Advanced Storyboarding, Character Design

Storyboarding Fundamentals and Intermediate Storyboarding Workshops

Summer 2019

Classes included:

Comedy, Beat Boards, Thumbnail Drawing, Animatics, Story Structure and Creation


Adobe - Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, Audition

Toon Boom - Storyboard Pro, Harmony

TV Paint


Available Upon Request

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